How does Google AdWords work?

Google AdWords is Google’s advertising program. Advertisers can pay to have their ads displayed on Google’s search results page as well as in Google’s partner network.

How does Google AdWords actually work?

Where are ads from Google AdWords shown?

Google uses 2 different advertising networks.

These 2 networks are:

  • The Google search network. This is the network that you use with search. If a user types in a search via Google, the ads are displayed on the results page. Ads are on the right, at the top and sometimes at the bottom. With commercial terms, the right-hand side has recently been omitted and the advertisements only appear at the top and bottom.
  • The display network. This is the network of Google partner websites such as YouTube, but ads can also be shown on more than one million other websites, videos and apps.

What kind of advertising can you make with Google AdWords?

Within Google AdWords you can create 3 types of ads:

  • Text ads
  • Banner ads
  • Video ads

How does Google AdWords work?

To set up a successful AdWords campaign you have to go through a number of steps.

  1. Determine where you want to be found
  2. Determine your budget what you want to spend
  3. Determine where you want to advertise (in which network)
  4. Create campaigns with ads
  5. Determine the landing pages and optimize them for Google AdWords (the page must connect to the ad)
  6. Measure the results

Google AdWords uses an auction system. It comes down to the positions being auctioned on the basis of three things:

  • CTR; the click through rate. How often an ad is clicked
  • Relevance of the keyword and the ad text
  • The landing page of the advertisement (how well does it fit on the advertisement)

In the video below you can see how the auction system works.

How do you pay for your visitors?

There are several settlement models within Google AdWords. The best known way is to pay per click. With this model you only pay if someone clicks on your ad. Another model is to pay per number of impressions. You pay per 1000 times that your ad is shown. This form is especially interesting for building brand awareness.

This is a brief explanation of how Google AdWords works. As a Google AdWords specialist, we can help you set up your Google AdWords campaign so you can quickly achieve results. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.